Sunday, February 27, 2011

I know places we can go babe.

Though real life job seeking isn't going as planned, real life internship is going great. 
And while I may be in school, I feel like I'm not in school. 
I go to class, pay attention, but when I leave the room nothing resonates with me,
 and I completely forget what was learned. 
Regardless, the balancing act of school, life, and work is fairly even. 
Last week, I made up for the lack of concerts I had while abroad, and had 3 shows. 

Tuesday: Best Coast & Wavves [with No Joy]. My right ear was partially deaf all the next day.
Wednesday: Pete Yorn & Ben Kweller. AMAZING show.
& Friday? Well, Friday I went to a show I probably wouldn't have purchased tickets to: 
The hot&dan-ger-our, Ke-Dollar Sign-Ha.
aka, Ke$ha. 

For work, I was the contact for the meet and greet.
Naturally, I was running late.
Got to the venue and told the two girls working the will call I was with ZHT, 
after they rudely said, "FINALLY," I gave out the wristbands and took everyone inside.  

She came out, and quickly took photos with everyone. When my roommate Nick and I went up,
he said something about her boots, which she interpreted as her "boobs" 
That Ke$ha, such a jokester!

That concert was WILD, to say the least. The amount of tweens, teens, and babies (not kiddng)?! 
Was unreal.
We started out right in front, but as they let people in, we headed to the bar area.
I've never been more glad to be 23.
The floor looked like glitterized sardines.

But the vibe and the dance sounds were fun. 
Then we sat in the parking lot for about an hour, while they turned that place into a jungle.
Seriously, girls on top of cars girls, wearing their shiny, or as Ke$ha's tour is so appropriately named, 
"Get Sleazy" outfits. Dancing in ways I've only seen on TV.

But we got out safe and unharmed.
This last week I had to cover the Stadium of Fire Press Release.
Which was a sleeper.
But reunited with my former Jive label buddy, 
David Archuleta.

We had him call in for an interview w. A.J. and do some lines for all the stations.
He still didn't reciprocate when I put my arm around him for the photo.
One day I'll get him.

Up next: Joshua Radin & Cary Brothers.
Capstone Project.
all I can learn about adolescent development, while trying to find a big boy job.

Monday, February 7, 2011

tumbling towards you.

I started it a year ago, lost motivation/time to keep up with it....
but now I'm back with a vengeance on Tumblr:

[peep my treatz.]

Saturday, February 5, 2011


On Thursday I was able to cover a couple great events. My boss emailed and asked if I could go to the auditions for So You Think You Can Dance downtown, to get some footage of the hype for the ZHTs website. I said sure and was told I had to interview some contestants, get some shots, etc.  Totally kosher.

Then I emailed the Fox Rep telling him I was going to be there. He sent back the itinerary stating that after the lunch break the judges would be ready for their interviews/photos and what not. I almost threw up at the thought. I love people, but interviews, speeches, things like that [I could care less of celebrity status or not] I loathe these kinds of things. I was a bit comforted when TJ told me I woouldn't be interviewing them, and my boss said she'd never seen this "shy" Taylor. He is real, trust me.

So uncertain as to whether or not I was REALLY having to pull together interviews, Thursday rolls around, Sam and I head to the Capitol Theatre, and I call the rep. We're brought in, given our press badges and told the run down. Talk to some contestants, observe some auditons, then be taken upstairs for one-on-one interviews with the judges. If I wasn't lookin' so fine, I really would have wet my pants. [joke]

We go out and talk to some great dancers, watch some about an hour of auditions, but at this point I've hit panic mode, texting everyone for questions, resorting even to wikipedia to find out their history. At their lunch break, Sam, myself, and three other print media people are just talking, then the rep comes to get us. We go upstairs and to my instant relief, one of the guys just suggest we just all stand around and interview them. I praised Allah at that point.  

Mary was the first to be interviewed, she came over, and the questions followed. Since I didn't cover Wednesdays auditions [6am was a bit ambitious as a mere intern, I don't get paid for this -ish!] I didn't interview Cat Deeley, so she came out just for me. It was so great, she's a babeski, super friendly, and smelt really good!!  I missed Robin Antin barely, then got Nigel. It was a great experience, and got me out of my comfort zone, which is always great.

After that we headed to Fleming's for an event with James Blunt. We got there as he did, watched the sound check. Relaxed a little, and ushered the winners in. The winners had some wine, we partook in some houer derves, and enjoyed a few acoustic songs from him. After we took photos and talked. These are my favorite kinds of events. Not flashy [like the Far East Movement @ Sundance, post to follow], but rather low key, intimate. raw&real. The way it all should be. 

I love the work I do, and have enjoyed all internships, ZHT treats me so well, and the whole team is amazing, and a great time. You can see some of the video footage of SYTYCD here:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

bad [gal]

January is almost over, warmth is on the horizon....and Robyn is spinning non-stop
{for the last year}
It's been a minute, so enjoy the teaser video...
Until soon.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

american boy.

If there was one thing London did in the two very short days I was there, 
it captivated me.
I'm not sure if it was the holiday season, the city dressed up in lights and Christmas decor, or the charm
but I want to move there for a temporary time, I'm honestly thinking Grad School,
or quite possibly music work.

We left Rome early and landed in London town, taking the tube the long, 1hr trip to Leicester Sq.
We met Jenna, who was a great tour guide.
It was my first time to the UK so we quickly saw the hi-lites, 
as well, it was frigid that day.

We walked to Trafalgar Sq, down to the well photographed spot of Big Ben w the Red Phone Booth.
At lunch at the ever glamourous Pizza Hut,
Saw the Eye.
Went to Hard Rock for dinner & saw Jersey Boys.
It was quite comical to hear the difference in the one I saw in Dallas v. London,
The hybrid Jersey/English accent was a bit funny.

The next day, we met Jenna in Notting Hill, 
ate Lunch at Nandos, great ambience and food.
Then made our way to Oxford St.
Crowded beyond belief, but got the essentials in.
Boots from All Saints and a few other things,
That night Buckingham Palace & Wicked, for my first time.

Our trip quickly came to an end, but left me thirsting for more.
The UK has definitely not seen the last of me.



Monday, December 13, 2010

ridin' solo.

Not like Jason DeRulo...

...But today, I was solo, here:

I was without a car, thus without a life.
Thankfully we live in Town Square so I'm walking distance to loads of things.
My solo movie going virginity was taken.

I saw this:
..sans Italian subtitles.

And as if me going to the movies alone wasn't already bleak, I was literally the only one in the theater.
I told Courtney, that I'm glad no kids showed up,
then I would have been the creeper/Pee-Wee Herman man at the movies.

At some points, I was legitimatley scared as my eyes played tricks on me.
I went to the bathroom and came back thinking someone snuck in, ready to scare me.
Speakers began to move in my peripherals,
and at some point someone came in the theater,
showing only their head, then stood in the entrance for a while
[because I didn't hear the door open again]
The bass at some parts even shook my pants! Literally, the air got me britches shakin'.

Thankfully me and my wizarding friends made it out alive....except for my BFF here,

Until the next solo movie....

{which will be Wednesday!}


Monday, December 6, 2010

mine this christmas.

Merry Christmas.
From OUR family [Mariah and Me] to Yours!!