Sunday, February 27, 2011

I know places we can go babe.

Though real life job seeking isn't going as planned, real life internship is going great. 
And while I may be in school, I feel like I'm not in school. 
I go to class, pay attention, but when I leave the room nothing resonates with me,
 and I completely forget what was learned. 
Regardless, the balancing act of school, life, and work is fairly even. 
Last week, I made up for the lack of concerts I had while abroad, and had 3 shows. 

Tuesday: Best Coast & Wavves [with No Joy]. My right ear was partially deaf all the next day.
Wednesday: Pete Yorn & Ben Kweller. AMAZING show.
& Friday? Well, Friday I went to a show I probably wouldn't have purchased tickets to: 
The hot&dan-ger-our, Ke-Dollar Sign-Ha.
aka, Ke$ha. 

For work, I was the contact for the meet and greet.
Naturally, I was running late.
Got to the venue and told the two girls working the will call I was with ZHT, 
after they rudely said, "FINALLY," I gave out the wristbands and took everyone inside.  

She came out, and quickly took photos with everyone. When my roommate Nick and I went up,
he said something about her boots, which she interpreted as her "boobs" 
That Ke$ha, such a jokester!

That concert was WILD, to say the least. The amount of tweens, teens, and babies (not kiddng)?! 
Was unreal.
We started out right in front, but as they let people in, we headed to the bar area.
I've never been more glad to be 23.
The floor looked like glitterized sardines.

But the vibe and the dance sounds were fun. 
Then we sat in the parking lot for about an hour, while they turned that place into a jungle.
Seriously, girls on top of cars girls, wearing their shiny, or as Ke$ha's tour is so appropriately named, 
"Get Sleazy" outfits. Dancing in ways I've only seen on TV.

But we got out safe and unharmed.
This last week I had to cover the Stadium of Fire Press Release.
Which was a sleeper.
But reunited with my former Jive label buddy, 
David Archuleta.

We had him call in for an interview w. A.J. and do some lines for all the stations.
He still didn't reciprocate when I put my arm around him for the photo.
One day I'll get him.

Up next: Joshua Radin & Cary Brothers.
Capstone Project.
all I can learn about adolescent development, while trying to find a big boy job.


Liese said...

T Hoyt. I live vicariously through you everyday of my life.

JRKimball said...

what happened to your life???? MIA.

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